Personal information that may be collected from cast and on-camera personnel and crew members:


  • name


  • address


  • contact information (email, telephone etc)


  • date of birth


  • next of kin (marital status?)


  • resume/employment history


  • qualifications


  • bank details


  • superannuation information


  • driver’s licence details and driving record


  • dietary issues


  • citizenship


  • country of residence


  • medical information (sensitive information)


  • personality assessment


  • union membership or professional trade associations or guilds (sensitive information)


  • passport information (if required to travel overseas or from overseas to Australia)


  • information required to obtain a visa to enter an overseas country or to work in Australia, which may include sensitive information such as whether you have a criminal record


  • physical characteristics and body measurements (e.g., for wardrobe requirements)


  • still photographs and audio-visual recordings


  • racial and ethnic background (sensitive information)