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Jane Kennedy: One Dish, Two Ways


Feeding a family. Every night. Is hard. Jane Kennedy knows because she cooks for seven people, seven days a week. Grownups are easy, but kids ... well. Most kids don’t like spices and herbs and zest. Green bits. Orange bits. And especially not hot bits.

So Jane set out to find a way to keep everyone happy. A way that wouldn’t involve her having to eat ‘plain’ food with the kids or required the kids to miraculously start loving ‘spicy’ food. A way where one base meal could be jazzed up, or down, to suit all taste buds. One dish, Two ways.

These recipes are easy, fast and fresh, with plenty of bon‐ boombah, low‐carb alternatives for the grownups. From Moroccan beef kebabs, Tuckshop teriyaki salmon, or Spicy cumin lamb ribs, these are new family classics that are guaranteed to become dinnertime favourites. 

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