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TCS_S1_1643_Melanie Bracewell Tim McDonald Photo Credit Hwa Goh ©The CheapSeats Pty Ltd 20

The Cheap Seats



“The show this year is going to be bigger and better. Metaphorically speaking of course, the budget is exactly the same” 

- Melanie Bracewell


“We’re delighted to be back! I think Channel 10 forgot to cancel their free trial and we’ve been automatically renewed - but we’ll take it!” 

- Tim McDonald

They’re back! Superhosts Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald return with a brand-new season of their award-winning*, critically acclaimed**, ratings-hit*** series The Cheap Seats. 
She’s a netball-loving New Zealand stand-up comedian. He hosts a podcast about Formula One racing despite not yet having a driver’s licence. Put them together and somehow they manage to shine brighter than a United Australia Party billboard. 
Each Tuesday night The Cheap Seats takes a comedic deep-dive into the shallow end of our weekly news cycle. Politics, world affairs, sport, pop culture, celebrities behaving badly, hosts behaving even more badly - if it was broadcast, published, tweeted or simply swiped left on in the past seven days then it’s likely to appear on the show. 
The Cheap Seats 2022 will have all the fun of last year’s season - but with slightly fewer clips involving state premiers announcing border closures. There will still be all your favourite segments, including “What’s On What’s On In The Warehouse”, “Pacific Update Update” and “Across The Ditch”. Regular contributors Mel Tracina and Titus O’Reilly also return, along with some very special surprise guests who probably thought they were booked for The Project. 
So get set for your weekly dose of news and current affairs - as seen from The Cheap Seats. 







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