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TCS_S1_1643_Melanie Bracewell Tim McDonald Photo Credit Hwa Goh ©The CheapSeats Pty Ltd 20

The Cheap Seats



“The show this year is going to be bigger and better. Metaphorically speaking of course, the budget is exactly the same” 

- Melanie Bracewell


“We’re delighted to be back! I think Channel 10 forgot to cancel their free trial and we’ve been automatically renewed - but we’ll take it!” 

- Tim McDonald

They’ve dusted off the desk and swiped some chairs from Sandra Sully’s office, and now Mel and Tim are set for Season 3 of The Cheap Seats!

Uncompromising and unverified on Twitter, award-winner Melanie Bracewell and award- attendee Tim McDonald are back to break down the biggest news and events every Tuesday night.

From politics to pop culture, coronations to cows on the loose - when it happens, turn to the team you can trust with over 40 years experience*.

“With Jacinda Ardern resigning as Prime Minister my back up gig as body double for her has tapered off. It’s why I’ve reluctantly signed on for season 3” - Melanie Bracewell.

“I can’t wait to be back behind the desk asking the tough questions, like ‘When does this become a paid internship?’” - Tim McDonald.

Cultural Correspondent Mel Tracina returns to recap the world of entertainment (after writing “stay” at her Commitment Ceremony), while Sports Supremo Titus O’Reilly rounds out the roster, pending a tribunal hearing.


Filled with fresh and favourite segments, including Mel’s Markets, Timfomericals and What’s On What’s On In The Warehouse, join Mel & Tim on Tuesdays as they unpack the week from The Cheap Seats.

*As a bottle shop worker and amateur netballer.







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