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18 July - 26 August 2023

Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse

When Mrs MacIntyre, the scheming owner of aged care home Elm Grove, decides to cut costs by offering uni students free board in return for them helping out as carers, she does not count on the arrival of Finn Bailey. Lazy and unqualified, Finn soon clashes with over-worked carer Ruby, before setting off a chain of events that lead to romance, rebellion and a residents' choir. 


Book and Lyrics by Tom Gleisner

Music by Katie Weston

Directed by Dean Bryant


Cast: Comedian Anne Edmonds alongside Frankie J. Holden and Vidya Makan. 


S23-Bloom_SOCIAL TILE_FA.jpeg

The Speechmaker

Air Force One is London-bound for a surprise Christmas meeting between the US President and the British PM. It will a diplomatic coup, not to mention one hell of a media opportunity - a no-risk vote-winner for the price of a little jet fuel, and the chance for the Leader of the Free World to give the speech of a lifetime.

Yet with the seatbelt signs barely switched off, what appears to be a major international crisis begins to unfold.  As the stakes rise and the clock ticks, the President and his advisors are forced to make some uncomfortable decisions.

The Speechmaker boasted a stellar ensemble cast featuring Erik Thomson, Lachy Hulme, Kat Stewart, Jane Harber, David James and Toby Truslove.

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